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    Las Vegas and Beyond

    I am so excited to be writing my very first blog! There really is so much to talk about because so much has been happening. I want to start off by taking a step back to Las Vegas at The D Hotel and Casino. My team and I had the best possible Las Vegas experience at The D! Talk about being treated like royalty! I want to thank Derek Stevens, Nicole Stevens, Richard Wilk, and Drew Dondero for your warm hospitality and generous welcome to The D family. Saturday night The D held my very first autograph signing where we brought my Gelish dragster down Fremont Street and parked right in front of the hotel! I had the time of my life getting to meet and sign autographs for racing fans, men, women, and children of all ages! I was even lucky enough to meet Ian Ziering from 90210, who came by and wished me luck! He will be starring in Snake and Mongoose, the movie based off of Don ‘the Snake’ Prudhomme and Tom ‘the Mongoose’ McEwen, true legends of the NHRA! He also shares a passion for racing and even joked about taking a spin in my Gelish dragster! After we took a picture together I never would have imagined it ending up in the Las Vegas Magazine! There along side Mike Tyson and Mila Jovovich is a picture of Ian and I in front of my car! Pretty cool stuff! Besides the amazing time at The D, my team and I, especially myself, had an amazing time out at The Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I walked away that weekend with a great sense of accomplishment and a whole new view of racing. I learned two very important lessons, safety and patience.  Although my dragster is extremely safe and the safety safari will always be there for me in a flash, I must be patient and safe before rushing into my first race. Because of those reasons my team and I decided to finish my licensing the weekend of March 15th in Bakersfield before my debut race April 5th in Las Vegas. I am very happy with the decision we made because I believe that with more seat time I will be more comfortable in my Gelish dragster, and the more likely I will succeed! Being said I definitely can not wait for Vegas in April! I will be sure to keep everyone updated as soon as more exciting news comes our way! Thanks for reading :)